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The Open Book is freely available in PDF and ePub formats on the Internet Archive.
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About the Open Book

From makerspaces to data wrangling schools to archives, the digital is being remixed by the open – and it is changing society as we know it. New concepts about public information, transparency and the Commons are combining in unprecedented ways, resulting in a breadth of transformative collaborations across the globe.

The Open Book explores the social and technological manifestations of this emergent movement for the first time. It features 25 in-depth thought pieces written by pioneers of openness around the world from London to São Paulo, including the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Rufus Pollock, the Free Software Foundation’s Karsten Gerloff, Open Data Manchester’s Julian Tate, IBM’s Ville Peltola, the Centre for Sustainable Communications’ Jorge Luis Zapico, The Guardian’s Simon Rogers, the Open Hardware Summit’s Catarina Mota, Open Design Now‘s Peter Troxler and the Harvard Berkman Centre for Internet & Society’s Mayo Fuster Morell.

Each of these contributions explore a unique aspect of the open knowledge movement and how it has affected work, society and culture across paradigms, from government to business to design to education. Also included is “The Evolution of Open Knowledge”, the world’s first crowdsourced timeline of openness and transparency from 1425 to the current day.

The Open Book is an essential reference point for those interested in the culmination of a global movement for change in a time of rapid social progress.

The Open Book has been built by the community, with thanks to The Finnish Institute in London and the Open Knowledge Foundation and in honour of the first Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki.
It is the third book in the critical Reaktio series.

The contents of the Open Book can be freely copied, reused and redistributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. Its contributors retain individual copyright over their respective pieces, and have kindly agreed to share them under the terms of this license.


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The amazing leaders around the world who contributed to the Open Book and the Evolution of Open Knowledge timeline

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